mosaicoCatalan Police Holiday's uniform 2La Manual Alpargatera The Manual was the first workshop that made ​​fashion espadrilles, since 1940, before sandals were considered a type of footwear field, low-class, traditional country. Up to twenty years after that, we were the only company that dared to wear sandals to the world of fashion. Years later some others (as in the seventies), start to do it too, and now all kinds of people consider espadrilles as a very fashionable piece.

Our brochure with our history (used as a business card) is translated into 47 languages ​​(50 versions, but Swiss German is not a language, and Serb comes in two versions: the Roman and Cyrillic), all performed as appreciation for our customers on a voluntary basis (when we haven’t it in your native language, we asked them to translate it, and so, from time to time, we received a new translation in our email).

We still make espadrilles for the costume of the Gala Catalan police (dress uniform).

About celebrities:

Although I have read somewhere that Catherine Zeta-Jones was client of us, I can’t confirm it: Two of our employees think they’ve seen her here, but I’m not sure, I think the information in the press may have been the result of a misunderstanding: It is true that Michael Douglas and his wife, were seen with our espadrilles, but is Diandra, not Catherine, who is a regular customer of our shop.

Among our clients we can name many celebrities: Hollywood stars as Jack Nicholsonn, Michael Douglas, Jane Moreau, Penélope Cruz, Tyra Banks, Julianne Moore, Raven Simone and many more …

Salvador Dalí, el Papa Johannes Paulus II, y Oswaldo Guayasamín (perhaps the biggest Latin American mural painter) used to be good customers, and many others, from the Queen of Sweden to Ralph Laurent or Jean-Paul Gaultier, are countless celebrities (national or international) which are among our customers.



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